Mini Steel – Saturday December 28


Online Pre Match Registration is open. Please if you are thinking of attending, preregister.

* * * * Please note the setup time has been moved up to 7AM and Match start time in now 8AM * * * *

Mini Steel match this Saturday December 28

Setup will begin at 7AM, followed by a brief Shooters meeting and the match starting at 8AM.

Match Fee

$5 for those that show up before 7:30AM and help setup

$10 for those showing up after 7:30AM and/or unable to help in setup

The match will consist of 6 stages, similar to Steel Challenge Stages. The stages will require little to no movement.

  • Divisions
  • Limited
  • Open (red dot or optic)
  • .22 Rimfire
  • .22 Rimfire Open (red dot or optic)

For those unfamiliar with Steel Challenge, below are some links that might be helpful.

  • Steel Challenge governing body – we are not an affiliated club, hence Outlaw Steel, but we follow their rules
  • Wikipedia on Steel Challenge – includes stage diagrams

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  1. scottw December 22, 2013 at 11:14 am

    This is a great opportunity to practice your handgun skills and you can use inexpensive .22 ammunition, if you have some in stock. Great for centerfire or rimfire, and this is one of my wife’s favorite competitions to shoot due to the instant feedback when the bullet strikes the steel target. This is also the best shooting sport for spectators to watch and learn because of the ability to see the impact of the bullet on the painted steel target and hear the ding of the impact. Bring your handgun, ammunition, an open mind, and a great learning attitude.


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