Outlaw Steel – Saturday January 11


Online Pre Match Registration is open. Please if you are thinking of attending, preregister.

* * * * Please note the setup time has been moved up to 7AM and Match start time in now 8AM * * * *

Outlaw Steel match this Sunday September 22

Setup will begin at 7AM, followed by a brief Shooters meeting and the match starting at 8AM.

Match Fee

$5 for those that show up before 7:30AM and help setup

$10 for those showing up after 7:30AM and/or unable to help in setup

The match will consist of 5 stages, 4 of which will be typical Steel Challenge stages with little to no movement shooting at 5 steel plates. One stage will be a field course, which requires movement and shooting at 10+ plates.

125 rounds minimum

  • Divisions
  • Limited
  • Open (red dot or optic)
  • .22 Rimfire
  • .22 Rimfire Open (red dot or optic)

For those unfamiliar with Steel Challenge, below are some links that might be helpful.

  • Steel Challenge governing body – we are not an affiliated club, hence Outlaw Steel, but we follow their rules
  • Wikipedia on Steel Challenge – includes stage diagrams

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