USPSA – Sunday 5 October


Online Match Registration is now open for the USPSA match Sunday, 5 October at Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club in Byram.. Set up begins at 7:00A.M and the match will begin around 9:00A.M. Please arrive early to help set up and be sure to help tear down after the match.

USPSA LogoThe United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) handgun competitions at require competitors to solve dynamic shooting challenges while seeking a balance of speed, power, and accuracy. Competitors move through unique courses of fire as quickly as possible while safely engaging a variety of paper, steel, and moving/reactive targets. Scoring is points divided by time. Each match consists of 5 to 6 stages that require anywhere from 8 to 32 rounds to complete. Shooters are divided into separate squads and rotate through each stage.

USPSA consists of 6 divisions: Production, Revolver, Single Stack, Limited, Limited 10 and Open. Each division has specific characteristics and limitations ranging from mostly stock pistols to full custom race guns with compensators and optics. Shooters compete against each other within these divisions and between their ability classifications.

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We recommend participants bring a center fire pistol, safe holster that covers the trigger, enough magazines to support a 32 round course of fire and about 200 rounds of ammunition. New competitors can find more detailed information about USPSA and competitive shooting by reading “Guide to Practical Shooting Sports“.

Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club
188 Swinging Bridge Rd
Florence, MS 39073


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