B& J P500 Pro Universal Gun Sight Tool Review


After years of using a padded vice, hammer, and punch to beat old sights out and new sights in I decided it was time for an upgrade. I did a little research and narrowed it down to two tools, the  B& J P500 Pro Universal Gun Sight Tool and the B&J P500 Standard Gun sight Tool. Ultimately I decided on the P500 Pro because of the integrated hold down clamp that prevents the slide from lifting or twisting.

P500 Pro Overview

The P500 Pro is a universal gun sight pusher that works on most semi auto slides. It is a well made and robust tool that makes sight removal very simple. It’s a pretty simple concept. The tool is a padded vice that clamps the slide in place from the sides and top. Once you have the slide positioned you use the pusher assembly which uses a hex bolt and hardened steel tip to push the sights on or off the slide. It works for front and rear sights and can handle most pistol patterns. Due to a floating clamp it will also work with slides that are tapered.

P500 Pro



  • Plastic padding built into the vice to protect the slide
  • 3 different hardened steel screw pusher tips for various gun sizes
  • Plastic spacers for guns with slide mounted decockers and safeties
  • 3 position Hold-Down clip to prevent lifting and twisting
  • Floating vice to accommodate tapered slides
  • Adjustable rear pin to allow for quick set up and repeatability when placing a slide in the vice
  • Rear plate prevents slide from moving

Using the pusher

The first pistol I tried it on was a CZ75 Pre B with the old 3 dot sights. They were so tight I couldn’t budge them with a hammer and steel punch. I placed the slide in the vice, lighted the sights up with the pusher assembly and tightened the vice. Then I adjusted the pusher to the right height by loosening the screw on each side and then tightened them back in place once set. The last thing I did was adjust the rear stop pin and tightened the top hold down clamp. The set up only took about 5 minutes. Now that I know how it works I’m sure it will only take a couple of minutes.

The hex screw and pusher tip easily pushed the old sights off. It was almost effortless. I was concerned I might have to put the pusher in a bench vice, but it’s so well made I was able to just hold it in my hand. To put the new sights on I discovered it’s easier to remove the slide, tap the sights in partially (checking for fit) and then place it back in the vice to finish the install.  Also consider the tool isn’t wide enough to fit the sight in between the pusher and the dovetail without starting it. I suspect they did this to prevent people from damaging the dovetails if they start it at a bad angle. The only hangup I had here is the size of the competition sights is a bit wide for the notch. I was able to easily work around this by shimming the slide to get the notch above the vice.


photo 4


Overall Impressions

Overall I think it’s a great sight pusher for the money. I paid $259 with a coupon code from Midway. I’m glad I went this route instead of buying a few different pushers made for specific guns. I’m also glad I go the Pro model instead of the Standard model just because of the hold down clamp and the rear plate. The only two downsides is the notch is too small for many competition sights and the cost is hard to swallow if you don’t do many sight installs. Fortunately the small notch is easily worked around and the cost for this universal is really not bad compared to some of the $400 and $600 models on Brownells. Bottom line, if you are looking for a good universal sight tool this one is simple and it works.



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