Drill of the Week – Transitions in Depth



Transitions in Depth will improve shooting targets at different distances. The drill is separated into two events; shooting near to far and shooting far to near. Both present a different set of challenges and encompass skills covered in previous drills.

Near to Far Transitions

Transitioning from near to far targets requires enough self control to put the brakes on as the distance is increased between targets. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of shooting too fast. Starting on the a 5 yard target you will not need nearly as clear of a sight picture as you need for a 20 yard target. In fact you might find yourself starting with a target focus and switching to a sharp focus on the front sight by the time you get to the 15 yard target. Try to maintain awareness of your sight picture throughout the drill. Experiment with different focus types and see what works the best for you.

Far to Near Transitions

Some will find this drill much more challenging. I shot it almost a second slower than the near to far drill. This means I really need to work on the drill to get more consistent. Starting on the far target and shooting to the near target completely changes this drill. When drawing to the far target do not slow down on the draw just because it’s farther away. Get your pistol out just as quickly as you do when drawing on a 5 yard target. The difference is the amount of time you spend refining your sight picture and more deliberate trigger control. The sooner you get your pistol in position to get a sight picture, the sooner you can shoot. When shooting far to near you will be able to speed up as your targets get closer. Just like before your sight picture will also change.


Transitions in Depth



What you will need

Start position – Hands at side or above shoulders
On start signal draw and engage each target with 1 round per target.

Shooting this drill

The point of  the transitions in depth drill is to improve transitions for targets at different distances so the start position isn’t as important. Starting with hands at side or above shoulders is fine. If you find yourself really struggling with the draw practice it independently and shoot this drill from the low ready if needed. Don’t let pride get in the way of the training focus. Be sure to snap your eyes from one target to the next and follow with the gun. This will help prevent transitioning short of the target or going past it. If you want to increase the difficulty or you want to focus on tighter shots try using paper plates instead of metric targets or painting the targets 2/3 black for hard cover.


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