• Drill of the Week – 4 Aces

    Drill of the Week – 4 Aces

    This week we will continue to work on improving the El Presidente (CM 99-11) with the 4 Aces drill. If you don't already have a score for this drill I highly recommend running it a few times to get a baseline of where you're starting. Score the drill using USPSA hit factor scoring. If math isn't your strong point you can use a hit factor calculator. Last week's drill focused on the draw, recoil management and accuracy. Our focus for this drill is the magazine change, but don't let that get in the way of keeping your hits during the drill.

  • Drill of the Week – Bill Drill

    Drill of the Week – Bill Drill

    Welcome to the Inaugural “Drill of the Week.” Magnolia Shooters will publish a new drill each week that is nested in a long term goal such as improving on a USPSA classifier or a Steel Challenge stageĀ . For the next […]

  • Training Focus

    It’s always exciting to see new shooters at matches. Usually they show significant improvement over the first few matches. I attribute this to a large improvement in macro fundamentals. The first few matches or practice sessions it’s easy to work […]